What this discussion sets out to be, is a point of entry on the condition, experience and meaning of silence in a particular typology of places. It does not set out to be conclusive, rather, it aims to be a discursive piece of writing that connects personal perspective with phenomenological and philosophical theory. In entering three different sites of silence: Grundtvig Kirke (Copenhagen), The Royal Library (Copenhagen) and Little Sparta (Edinburgh), it samples a range of architectural and spatial conditions for silence to be felt. Respectively, these render themselves as an ecclesiastical, institutional and poetic set of silences that ascertain toward a variety of silent affects. In understanding silent place, this discussion intends to register a meaning to silent experience within its condition.The piece of writing is split into thethree silent sites,each

containing a reflective piece on my first impressions of the place. These impressions outline the atmosphere or ambience to each site using language as a device for memorialising the moment of experience. A specific photograph pertinent to each atmosphere accompanies the reflective description, providing a visual depiction of the experience - a fragment of my memory. The silence of each site is then discussed in detail from within and outside of the experience, an oscillation between personal and collective perspective that intersect, connect, and expand upon the consideration of silence. This piece of writing is an intertextual-visual consideration of silent place and the subsequent affect. What this discussion becomes is an entry on silence through the entering of silence.