A series of four discrete, yet, entirely cognate explorations of composition, viewtype and observation. The project surmises an archipelago of architectural suggestions for the rural village of Glenuig, West Coast Scotland.


A drawing exercise that diverges toward the fantastical, disillusioned from actuality or indeed, possibility. The natural state of the Water of Leith, Edinburgh, has been intervened and reimagined as something far more navigable.


A contribution to the discourse of silence within the context of architecture. This discursive piece becomes a point of entry to the condition, experience and meaning of silence, through the entering of silence.


A series of temporary pavilions that house three unique artefacts: a whisky still, a sedan chair, and four sundials. Separated by proximity, but connected by an architectural language, each pavilion explores four themes: touch, time, light and movement.

pavilions for a whisky still, a sedan chair
and four sundials.